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Graduation 2022

On July 1, the Department celebrated our 73 new master graduates in Computer Science and IT Product Development graduates. At the ceremony, Head of Department Kaj Grønbæk welcomed the 50 participating graduates and their families, alumni Aino Corry gave the graduation speech, and Vice-Dean of Education Kristine Kilså presented the graduates with their diploma and specially designed graduation poster.

Graduate #200 & #2,000

Before celebrating with friends and family, at the reception, head of department Kaj Grønbæk announced that this summer graduate number 200 from IT Product Development and number 2,000 from Computer Science have completed their studies – and there was a special celebration for graduate #200 Louise Mathiasen (IT Product Development) and #2,000 Lasse Rønne Møller (Computer Science).

The department wishes all our graduates congratulations and the best of luck – you are all extremely sought-after by both local, national and international IT-companies. See the complete list of masters produced in Computer Science and IT Product Development.

Graduation Posters

The graduation posters are designed by two current students to illustrate highlights of studying either Computer Science or IT Product Development. This year’s posters are designed by Maja Dybboe from 8th semester of IT Product development, and Marie Katharine Martensen from 8th semester of Computer Science.

Poster for Computer Science Graduates

Marie shares her ideas behind the poster for the Computer Science graduates: My idea with the design on the poster is to symbolize the transition between studying Computer Science at AU and in the real world with the door, the I/O-doormat and the elements surrounding it both indoor as well as outdoor. The room contains elements which can be seen every day at the study café e.g., the AU logo wallpaper and the flyers. In the window, some hidden words, written vertically with the AU Peto font, can be found. Students who have completed their masters should be able to decipher these. Outside the door is a bike at the base of a graph because there can be no cycles in a tree.

A big congratulations to all the graduates, and I wish them all the best in the future!

Poster for IT Product Development Graduates

Maja’s ideas behind the design on the poster for the IT Product Development graduates: The graduating class of 2022 are an energetic, happy and social class who has made a clear mark on IT Product Development for the past five years. I felt it fitting to create a poster - for them - that expresses this energy. Inspired by retro arcade games I have illustrated academic and technical challenges with obvious design elements and code hidden in the entire foundation, just as a well-designed project should have.

A great congratulations from me to the graduating class for finishing level 5, and I hope you will remember to keep the community as a central factor – and that you are welcome back at any time.

For those graduates who were unable to attend are welcome to come by the department and pick up a graduation poster. Contact Christina Gøttsche (csg@cs.au.dk) and a copy will be left for you to pick up within the opening hours of the information office.

The Department would like to congratulate all our graduates - we know that there are great adventures ahead for you! Good luck, and please keep in touch on LinkedIn or Facebook.