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Graduation 2021

On August 20th, it was finally possible to celebrate our Computer Science and IT Product Development graduates in the Peter Bøgh Andersen auditorium. Due to covid-19, the celebration was cancelled last year, and thus 145 graduates (July 2019 to August 2021) were invited.

Head of Department Kaj Grønbæk welcomed the 76 participating graduates and alumni Aino Corry gave the graduation speech. Before celebrating with friends and family at the reception, the graduates all got their diploma from the Vice-Dean of Education Kristine Kilså along with a graduation poster. The graduation poster is a new initiative from our Study Life Developer Christina Gøttsche, and they are illustrations of highlights of studying either Computer Science or IT Product Development. The posters are designed by William Sonne Ebbesen from 5th semester IT Product development, and Kristoffer Strube from 9th semester Computer Science.For those graduates that couldn’t attend the graduation ceremony, you can come by the department and get a graduation poster. Contact Christina Gøttsche (csg@cs.au.dk) and a copy will be left for you to pick up within the opening hours of the information office).

The Department would like to congratulate all our graduates from Computer Science and IT Product Development. You have done a great job in a challenging time. We know that there are great adventures waiting for you. Good luck, and please keep in touch via our Facebook page or on LinkedIn.

William’s thoughts behind the poster for IT Product Development: My idea was to design a poster which encompasses the education as a whole and all the processes the students go through during their studies. The illustration represents the knowledge and experience you get from completing a Master’s degree in IT Product Development. The two silhouettes symbolize the students and the fact that you don’t complete a master’s degree alone – you need the help and influence from your peers. At the top of the poster, I attempted to illustrate projects and courses that the students have gone through. All the illustration of databases, calculus, thesis writing, IT projects and circuit diagrams are there to remind you of your completed education as you move forward. William sends big congratulations to all the graduates.

Kristoffer’s thoughts behind the poster for Computer Science: My idea with the poster is to include relevant events and people from the department and education programme, and gather these in a Zoom layout - a tool that the students (now graduates) really have gotten to know over the past years. The characters in the windows are cartoons characters, however, there are many small details in the pictures that tell something about the academic and social elements of studying computer science like the tutors, bartenders etc.  Another example is that at the top right you can see the well-known joke "P = NP", but an extra detail is the portrait on the wall – a Simpsons version of Bjarne Stroustrup, whom we have a picture of in the social café ‘Regnecentralen’. Other things that you might spot if you look a little closer, is a NAND-gate which can be used to make all other logical gates, as well as a known sign whose purpose is to fall down. Finally, you can see a conversation between two well-known persons in Cryptography. Kristoffer would like to thank the graduates for sharing good times while they were here,  and hopes to see them some time again in the department’s Friday bar.