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Computer Science Day 2014

10 minutes to introduce your research. This is the concept of The Computer Science Day which is held in 5335-016 Peter Bøgh Auditorium, , Friday the May 23.

Computer Science day is a way to provide information about what happens at the department’s research areas and in a tightly scheduled two hours program the attendants will be introduced to the research fields at Computer Science. The Computer Science Day is thus a unique opportunity for anybody with an interest in computer science and IT to get a full view of the broad range of impressive computer science research performed in Aarhus. 

Everybody is welcome.

Peter Sestoft, IT University of Copenhagen will give a talk entitled: A history of compilers and autocodes just before Computer Science Day at 12:15-13:00 in Peter Bøgh Auditorium.

And even more festivities:

After Computer Science Day Regnecentralen will host a small reception with beer and sausages.


13.15 - 13.30 Welcome and Award session

- Teacher of the year 2014 award

- Teaching Assistant 2014 award

- CS Student award

13.30 - 15.00 Presentations from the research groups

Mathematical Computer Science
Speaker: Peter Bro Miltersen
Title: A dictatorship theorem for cake cutting
Abstract: We briefly present a recent result in the intersection of economics and computer science and very briefly discuss how the complementary viewpoints of the two fields were useful for conceiving and proving the result. The result is joint work with Simina Branzei.

Cryptography and Security
Speaker: Jesper Buus Nielsen
Title: Leakage resilience and tamper resilience
Abstract: I will talk about two emergent lines of research in theoretical cryptography called leakage resilience and tamper resilience and I will describe one of the crypto group's recent contributions to this research.

Semantics and Logic
Speaker: Morten Krogh-Jespersen
Title: Modular Reasoning about Concurrent Higher-Order Imperative Programs

Programming Languages
Speaker: Olivier Danvy
Title: A call-by-need basis
Abstract: We present the first operational account of call by need that connects syntactic theory and implementation practice. Joint work with Ian Zerny.

Algorithms and Data Structures
Speaker: Allan Grønlund
Title: to be announced
Abstract: to be announced

Speaker: Jade Cheng
Title: Where are you from?
Abstract: A very brief overview of the recent "Where are you from?"-project in which we have collected and examined genetic material from ~1000 Danish high school students. See http://hvorkommerdufra.dk

Data-Intensive Systems
Speaker: Kenneth S. Bøgh
Title: Efficient data management and analysis
Abstract: In this talk, we present the research group on data-intensive systems. Our interests are in handling large data volumes, and we study efficient algorithms for query processing and for data analysis. Our approach is based on formal definitions of the problem, on conceptual and algorithmic developments, prototype implementations, and analytical and empirical evaluations. We present examples of recent research projects, and point out potential thesis topics.

Computer-Mediated Activity
Speaker: Susanne Bødker
Title: to be announced

Use, Design and Innovation
Speaker: Morten Kyng
Title: Use, Design and Innovation
Abstract: It is about creating success for open source in healthcare

Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction
Speaker: Marianne Graves Petersen
Title: Qualities and challenges for shape changing interfaces