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Study environment

Studying at university requires discipline and independence, and you are personally responsible for organising your time. Computer Science and IT Product Development consist of full-time studies, so you will be working long hours – particularly prior to examinations and the submission of major assignments.

University studies also involve other aspects, such as good friends, networks and an inspiring study environment that forms a link between academic and social activities.

The Department of Computer Science is located in the IT City Katrinebjerg, where Aarhus University has assembled all its IT degree programmes. This location provides the department with a unique study environment, where academic and social offers are brought together. With about 1800 students from different fields of study, exciting research environments, and a considerable number of different IT companies, the IT City is a place with plenty of opportunity for interdisciplinary work, in-depth academic study, and development via student jobs.

Orientation week and reading groups

When you start at university, everything is new and confusing. However, we make sure that you are made welcome as a Computer Science or IT Product Development student. We kick off with a three-day orientation programme prior to the commencement of studies. This introduction for first-year students is organised by senior students (tutors) and it provides you with an opportunity to get to know some of your fellow students before your teaching begins.

In the course of the orientation week, you get help buying books, an introduction to the party and lecture associations, and an introduction to the university layout and the buildings at your department. You also have an opportunity to ask the senior students about your study programme.

In addition, the tutors help you to set up reading groups. Group-oriented project work is an important part of your degree programme, and your reading group automatically provides you with a study-related network that can give you crucial support throughout your studies.

Study facilities

Your day-to-day activities take place at the Department of Computer Science’s facilities in the IT City Katrinebjerg, which is located near the campus area and not far from the city centre. The department has rooms and workstations for students, and these are well suited to group work. There are also two common canteens, a library, good classrooms and lecture theatres, and an on-site secretariat, where you are always welcome to ask questions.

In the Bush building next to the departmen'ts main entrance you you will find the department's study café available for all students to use at a daily basis. Here you can work on projects alone or in study groups, get help from teachers and instructors, meet fellow students or simply just have a great cup of coffee (coffee cards are purchased at Information Office at ADA-116). More information at Javahulens facebook-group (free to join for all) or website (in danish).

Our IT facilities are also top of the range, of course. You have access to computers that are updated with the latest programs, wireless networks, flexible workplaces, extra monitors for your laptop, and a sound studio. In collaboration with the Centre for Advanced Visualisation and Interaction (CAVI), you have access to a 3D panorama cinema, a virtual studio and advanced light technology equipment.

Guidance and support throughout your studies

Questions frequently arise at the beginning of a new study programme – just as there may be things you need clarifying from time to time. At the Department of Computer Science in Aarhus, we therefore focus much of our work on how you, as a student, can get easy access to the guidance and feedback you need.

  • Tutors: Prior to the commencement of studies, you meet some of the senior students who have volunteered as tutors during the orientation week. The tutors introduce you to your studies in the course of the orientation week – and are subsequently available with guidance and answers to your questions during the initial period of your studies.
  • Student teachers: You have a senior student attached to your exercise team as a student teacher. In this way, you are in touch with other students and the in-house environment right from the start. The student teachers help you with your theoretical and practical exercises – and they also provide good support in a wider sense when you are new to your studies.
  • Student counsellor: The student counsellor has office hours during which you can come and get guidance in connection with specific questions – or perhaps just a chat if there is something you need to talk about. If you already have questions about your degree programme in computer science or IT, you are welcome to send an e-mail to the student counsellor.
  • Staff: At the Department of Computer Science in Aarhus, we also have an education manager and a study environment coordinator whose main task are to keep informed about the well-being of the students, and to work with ways of developing the study framework.