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Terms and conditions for CS Business Club Membership

1. Membership of CS Business Club
The mutual rights and obligations stated in the terms and conditions below apply to companies which are members of CS Business Club.

2. Membership benefits
Membership of CS Business Club includes:

  • A subscription to mail list: Information about CS Business Club activities, news and events at the Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University.

  • Katrinebjerg Career Day - kdag.au.dk: The opportunity to participate in the annual career fair Katrinebjerg Career Day (Kdag) in May, with a large stand/booth included in the membership.

  • Targeted recruitment: Advertisement of jobs and student projects on channels at the Department of Computer Science. The channels include an online job wall cs.au.dk/jobwall

  • Access to the latest research: Invitations to special talks and events on new research at the Department of Computer Science.

  • Branding opportunities: Brand your company on our website and at physical locations at the Department of Computer Science

  • Tech-talks: Arrange Tech-talks and similar events either at AU or at your compnay in collaboration with CS Business Club and student associations at the Dept. of Computer Science, Aarhus University 

Price: DKK 15,000/year (VAT incl.)

3. Membership terms and conditions
All companies are eligible for membership in CS Business Club. Once payment of the membership fee is confirmed, both parties are mutually obligated to comply with applicable legislation regarding personal data and data protection.

4. Waiver of liability
The member may under no circumstances claim damages from CS Business Club as a result of advice or consultancy services provided by CS Business Club or other parties appointed by CS Business Club. CS Business Club is under no circumstances responsible for direct damage or loss, including operating losses, loss of data, goodwill or similar consequential loss.

5. Membership fees
In order to cover expenses related to the administration of the agreement and the activities named in 2, member companies must pay an annual membership fee for the ‘CS Partner’ membership described in 2

6. Billing
The invoice for the membership fee, which will indicate the deadline for payment, will be sent when the company enrols in CS Business Club. Payment must be effected no latter than the deadline stated on the invoice. Subsequent payments are to be effected in the same manner (issue of an invoice with a deadline for payment). Payment must be effected no latter than the deadline stated on the invoice.

In case of delayed payment, CS Business Club reserves the right to charge default interest pursuant to the Danish Interest Act from the deadline for payment and until payment is effected. CS Business Club also reserves the right to charge a fee in connection with issuing payment reminders.

7. Period of non-terminability and termination
The membership may not be terminated for twelve months from the date of enrolment, and will be renewed hereafter by communication through the CS Business Club contact person from the company.

CS Business Club may also terminate the subscription agreement or any part hereof at a notice of at least one calendar month after twelve months.

8. Relocation
In case of relocation, the member must inform CS Business Club, just as CS Business Club must inform the member in case of relocation.

9. Changes in conditions and prices
The Department of Computer Science may change the conditions for membership in CS Business Club at three month’s notice. The current conditions apply to the membership, even though other terms and conditions may have applied at the time of the company’s enrolment in CS Business Club. Changes will be communicated to members by CS Business Club in a written notification, including email.

10. Venue
In the event of dispute between the member and CS Business Club concerning matters arising out of the membership, the member may file a complaint with the Department of Computer Science. Furthermore, disputes may be brought before the ordinary courts of law in accordance with applicable rules by either party. Disputes arising out of the membership in CS Business Club and related services shall be settled in accordance with Danish law and must be tried before the Danish courts.

11. Entry into force
These general terms and conditions enter into force on December 1st 2018.

12. Enrolment in CS Business Club
A membership in CS Business Club is valid for both parties as soon as the member has received confirmation of enrolment in CS Business Club via email.