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Student collaboration

As member of CS Business Club your company will have the opportunity to cooperate with students at Department of Computer Science in several areas: 

Project and thesis collaboration

If your company has a well-defined problem, a student project or thesis collaboration could be an option. When cooperating with a student from the Department of Computer Science, your company may gain benefits such as:

  • Investigating issues and solving problems that the company itself does not have the skills or resources to handle
  • Contributing to upgrading the student's job readiness
  • Gaining an insight into student competencies
  • Networking with future graduates 

Depending on the project, you will work with either computer science students or IT product development students.

PLEASE NOTE: For collaboration with students on master thesis' it is important to coordinate collaboration with students thesis supervisor as well as the students. Collaboration agreement should be coordinated as yearly in the process as possible.It is always up to the student to coordinate the contact between the supervisor and your company.

Agreements on confidentiality and cooperation terms

If you join project collaboration with a student, you may need to enter into formal agreements on confidentiality, cooperation terms, etc. In the right column you can download templates for cooperation agreements and NDA agreements.

External workspaces for project and thesis work

Danske Bank and Stibo Systems is offering project support and office space for students working on projects or master thesis.