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Project description

The vision of the “DAnish center for Big data Analytics driven Innovation” (DABAI) is to place world-class computer science Big Data analysis research and innovation at the core of an effort to seize opportunities in domains of importance to Danish businesses and society. DABAI is organized around a world-class group of computer science researchers from KU, AU, and DTU with experience in algorithmics, machine learning, and interactive visual analysis. Together with the Alexandra Institute, several Danish IT companies and government institutions, DABAI develops novel integrations between the aforementioned research areas and provide generalized solutions to today’s Big Data challenges in areas, such as data-driven public administration, food supply chain data, and personalized learning through educational data. The scientific involvement of the research group on Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction lies in the development of interactive Visual Analytics methods as a Service for supporting the exploration and ad-hoc analysis of big data, as well as for the analysis of multidimensional data. The resulting interactive analytic services shall be targeted at the general public – i.e., non-programmers who aim to analyze data through modern multi-touch and gesture-based interaction.