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Researchers in the Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction group


Hans Gellersen


E: hwg@cs.au.dk 

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Ubiquitous Computing | Human Computer Interaction

Kaj Grønbæk

Professor, Head of Department

E: kgronbak@cs.au.dk 

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Ubiquitous Computing | HCI | Visual Analytics | Hypermedia

Associate Professors and Tenure Track Assistant Professors

Niels Olof Bouvin

Associate Professor

E: bouvin@cs.au.dk 

My Google scholar

Distributed Systems | Peer to Peer Networking | Cyber Foraging | Hypermedia

Marianne Graves Petersen

Associate Professor

E: mgraves@cs.au.dk

My Google scholar

Interaction Design | HCI | Shape-Changing Interfaces | Child Computer Interaction

Ken Pfeuffer

Tenure Track Assistant Professor

E: Ken@cs.au.dk  

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Human Computer Interaction | Eye Tracking | Ubiquitous Computing

Hans-Jörg Schulz

Associate Professor

E: hjschulz@cs.au.dk 

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Visual Analytics | Information Visualization


Tiare Feuchtner


E: tiare@cs.au.dk

My Google scholar

Human computer interaction | Virtual and augmented reality | Body Ownership Illusion

Jens-Emil Grønbæk


E: jensemil@cs.au.dk

My Google scholar

HCI | Proxemics | Shape-Changing Interfaces | Augmented Reality

Peter Kán


E: 686730@uni.au.dk

My Google scholar

Photorealistic Rendering | Computer Graphics | Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality | Automatic Design

Zeinab Schaefer


E: zeinab.schaefer@cs.au.dk


Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction | Visual Analytics | Machine Learning

PhD students

Chiwoong Hwang

PhD student

E: hwangcw@cs.au.dk 


Marius Hogräfer

PhD student

E: mhograefer@cs.au.dk

My Google scholar

Information Visualization | Data Analytics | Data Science

Uta Wagner

PhD student

E: uta.wagner@cs.au.dk 

Research group coordinator