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CTIC reseachers get papers accepted at IJCAI 2013

PhD student Simina Branzei and Post Doc Jie Zhang from Aarhus University gets paper accepted at IJCAI 2013, Beijing - China.

The paper "Externalities in Cake Cutting" got accepted at the 23rd. International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Jie and Simina will be traveling to Beijing, China to present the paper from August 3-9, 2013.

The paper is co-authored by Ariel D. Procaccia from CMU

The theme of IJCAI 2013 is ”AI and computational sustainability”. AI can play a key role in addressing environmental, economic, and societal challenges concerning sustainable development and a sustainable future. AI techniques and methodologies can be exploited to help address sustainability problems and questions, for example to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the way we manage and allocate our natural and societal resources.

Read more about the conference: http://ijcai13.org/