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CfPC: Center for Pervasive Computing

Pervasive computing is the next generation computing environment with computers everywhere, for everyone, at all times. Information and communication technology will be an integrated part of our environments: from toys, milk cartons and desktops to cars, factories and whole city areas - with integrated processors, sensors, and actuators connected via high-speed networks and combined with new visualisation devices ranging from projections directly into the eye to large panorama displays. The centre is an open partnership between trades and business and public research institutions. The centre performs research in the core areas of pervasive computing including:

  • Object-Technology
  • Interactive Workspaces
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • New Ways of Working
  • Pervasive Healthcare
  • Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)
  • Mobile Systems and Wireless Communication
  • Advanced Visualisation and Interaction
  • Embedded Systems - Embodied Agents
  • Sound as Media
  • Modelling, Validation and Capacity Planning of Concurrent and Distributed Systems

Most of the work in the Centre for Pervasive Computing is organised as research projects involving both companies and universities. Many projects cut across research areas and practically all projects involve several traditional research disciplines.