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Staff Jubilee: Bødker, Graves & Møller

Today, we celebrated three homegrown professors. Susanne Bødker celebrates 40 years at the department while Marianne Graves Petersen and Anders Møller reach the 25-year milestone. All three have contributed immensely to research and education within each of their area of expertise. The three jubilees were celebrated by friends, family, colleagues, and collaborators.

The department thanks you for your huge efforts within computer science and at the department - and we wish you all the best for the future!

Professor Susanne Bødker – 40-year anniversary

Master number 147

PhD number 11

Professor Susanne Bødker is celebrating an impressive 40-year career at the department. Her journey began in 1982 when she completed her master's degree, followed by a PhD in 1987, both under the guidance of Morten Kyng.

Throughout her tenure, Susanne has made significant contributions to education, offering a wide range of HCI courses at both bachelor and master's levels. She has supervised more than 60 computer science and 20 IT Product Development Master's thesis students, leaving a lasting impact on their academic journeys, and her involvement in the educational board has been instrumental.

In the realm of research, Susanne is renowned for her work in developing a new theoretical foundation for HCI, particularly collaborative HCI, rooted in Activity Theory from psychology. She served as Co-center leader for CHMI and managed interdisciplinary projects, including the AU interdisciplinary center PIT. Notably, her research was funded by a prestigious ERC Advanced Grant project, CIO, from 2017 to 2022.

Her supervision of 15 PhD students, three of whom became full professors and one an associate professor, has significantly contributed to the growth of university faculty members in Denmark. International recognition has followed her throughout her career, with awards such as the ACM SigDOC Rigo Award in 2008, membership in the ACM CHI Academy in 2010, and honory doctor at Royal Technical University (KTH) Stockholm in 2018.

Susanne has also been dedicated to organizing and participating in program committees for numerous international conferences. Locally, she has been a member of the university board and national research committees.

Professor Marianne Graves Petersen – 25-year anniversary

Master number 785

PhD number 93

Professor Marianne Graves Petersen is celebrating an impressive 25-year milestone at the department. Her academic journey began with a master's degree under Kaj Grønbæk's supervision in 1997, followed by a PhD supervised by Susanne Bødker in 2003.

Marianne's contributions to the department are vast and impactful. On the education front, she co-founded the IT Product Development program, where she has taught multiple courses and played a pivotal role in shaping the curriculum. Her leadership in running the introductory HCI course and managing the IT Product Development master's level Innovation project has fostered collaboration between students and professionals from prominent organizations like Microsoft Research Cambridge, Volkswagen, Bang & Olufsen, Danfoss, LEGO, and many others. This initiative provided students with invaluable industrial research experiences and even led to patent collaborations with companies.

Furthermore, Marianne has supervised an impressive 72 IT Product Development master's theses - this amounts to 30% of the program's graduates, along with eight computer science master's theses. Her dedication to education extends to her role as the chair of the educational committee since 2019 and her responsibility for the master’s in informatics education program. Additionally, she has supervised six and co-supervised three PhD students, leading to several best paper and honorable mention awards at conferences.

In the realm of research, Marianne is renowned for her contributions to tangible and shape-changing user interfaces, particularly for home and learning environments. Her research endeavors have been supported by grants from various organizations, including the Danish Advanced Tech fund, Microsoft Research, and Villum for CEED, and most recently a combined grant from Villum, Novo and Lundback for the new Centre for Technological Comprehension.

Marianne's outreach efforts have been equally commendable, with her group's work on a tangible Machine-Learning Machine. This led to a prestigious outreach project in collaboration with the BBC Microbit foundation, Danish broadcast service DR, and the Alexandra Institute on teaching machine learning to children in Danish schools.

Marianne actively participates in program committees within the HCI community and has contributed significantly to educational services. She also played a key role in establishing the HatchIT lab to support entrepreneurship among the department’s students and was involved in founding the ALICE network and the Diversity committee.

Anders Møller – 25-year anniversary

Master number 898

PhD number 89

Professor Anders Møller is celebrating an impressive 25 years at the department. His academic journey began in 2000 with a master's degree, followed by a significant PhD in 2002, both mentored by Michael I. Schwartzbach, whose legacy he continues to carry.

Anders Møller is recognized for his outstanding contributions to both education and research. In the realm of education, he has been responsible for multiple courses at both bachelor's and master's levels. Currently, he oversees the essential programming languages course for undergraduates and the Program Analysis course for master's students. He has also taken the initiative to develop new courses and specialization options. Thus, expanding the horizons of the Programming Languages and Logic & Semantics research groups. Notably, he has supervised an impressive 50 master's students and played a key role in advancing the PhD education at the department.

In terms of research, Anders Møller is renowned for his work within the programming language communities, focusing on static and dynamic program analysis. His research aims to support developers in creating error-free programs, a vital contribution to the software engineering field. He has secured numerous grants, including the prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant, Danish Elite Research Prize, DFF grants, and EU PoC grants, which led to the founding of Coana.tech, a successful company with six employees, including two of his former PhD students. His supervision of 13 PhD students and reception of over 10 Distinguished Paper Awards highlight his research excellence.

Anders Møller's dedication extends to service within the academic community, where he has served on countless international committees and holds positions such as Vice-Chair of ACM SIGPLAN and Associate Editor of ACM TOPLAS. Locally, he contributes to various department and faculty committees, including the Faculty Information Security Committee, reflecting his commitme