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Students get paper accepted at SOSA21

Bachelor students Jonathan Lindegaard Starup and Jesper Steensgaard have been part of the department’s Talent Track programme, in which students get to work closely with researchers on actual research questions. Their close work with Associate Professor Kasper Green Larsen has resulted in the research paper Further Unifying the Landscape of Cell Probe Lower Bounds. The paper has been accepted at SOSA (Symposium on Simplicity in Algorithms), which takes place on January 11-12.

During the talent track programme, Jesper and Jonathan have worked with different research groups at the department. In the spring, the worked with Associate Professor Kasper Green Larsen whom they met with once a week to discuss their work on a specified research question, which resulted in the paper Further Unifying the Landscape of Cell Probe Lower Bounds. Both Jonathan and Jesper agrees that the talent track programme has been a great experience for them by gaining insight into the world of research, which for them was a very different way of working.

“The talent track programme is a great opportunity, especially for students who consider applying for a PhD”, says Kasper Green Larsen and continues; “They get to work closely with the department’s researchers from different research groups to examine what their area of interest is. Moreover, they get to work with new ideas and technologies”.

Today, Jesper Steensgaard is a PhD student in the Algorithms and Data Structures group, and Jonathan Lindegaard Starup has joined the Programming Languages research group as a PhD students.

Talent track program at the department

The department offers the talent track program for particularly talented bachelor students in IT Product Development and Computer Science, to offer extra academic challenges, in addition to the standardized study program. Completing the talent track program may better qualify the student for admission to the PhD program. More information about the talent track program (in Danish): https://studerende.au.dk/studier/fagportaler/datalogi/undervisning/talentforloeb/