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IT Camp for girls was a big success

For the 13th time, IT camp for girls was organized for girls during the autumn holidays. 42 girls participated in the three day event that focussed on business visits, lectures, and assignments.

The autumn holiday was slightly different from 42 girls than it used to be. Warm socks and slippers were replaced with design, IT and company visits. The 42 were all part of IT Camp for Girls at Department of Computer Science 

"I have learned a lot.  Especially from the lectures we've had, but everything has been fun. In particular, Lego Mindstorm was funny, said Maja Biel, who participated in IT Camp for Girls.

The camp is organized by volunteer students from Department of Computer Science, and is aimed at girls who  arein their final year of high school or  are on sabbatical. The camp was held from Wednesday to Friday in the autumn holiday. 

"It has been really fun. I think it has been a big advantage that we could explain the difference between Computer Science and IT Product Development," said Alberte Herold who studies Computer Science at the fourth year. 

During the week, the girls would try out life as a university student which includes anything from lectures in cryptology to building LEGO Mindstorms.

Not frightend

"I think the lectures in cryptology were really exciting, and LEGO Mindstorms was just really fun", said Emilie Bjerg

Even though there is not many women in IT it’s not something who frightens Emilie Bjerg. 

"I've never been frightened of taking an education in IT, and it's also a big part of my life in High School, where it's a part of my class."

Bankdata, which is one of the companies demanding labor within IT, is positive for IT-Camp for girls.

“The effort by Aarhus University and the volunteers is really important, so young women can have a glimpse of the everyday as a student of either Computer Science or IT Product Development. I would jumped with the opportunity before I began to study,” says Anja Larsen who is a Software Developer with Bankdata.