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Inaugural lecture by Professor Jesper Buus Nielsen

The appointment of Jesper Buus Nielsen as professor at the Department of Computer Science will be celebrated on September 14 with an inaugural lecture.

On April 1, Jesper Buus Nielsen became professor at the Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University.  Professor Buus Nielsen have received worldwide recognition for his work. Most recently, Buus Nielsen and Associate professor Kasper Green Larsen won the best paper award at Crypto 2018 in Santa Barbara in California. 

- It's the first time I have won, and of course I'm very proud. I don't think it necessarily will happen again, says Jesper Buus Nielsen.

The topic of Jesper Buus Nielsen and Kasper Green Larsen's paper will also be the theme of inaugural lecture – how to protect our data.

- Today data is often stored in the cloud. You can encrypt the individual files so the cloud provider cannot read what is in the file. Nevertheless, if there is a particular file that you access often, the cloud provider still has this information. And the access pattern to data can reveal a lot about the data itself," explains Jesper Buus, and continues:

- Recently, however, the progress seems to have come up against a brick wall. In this talk, I will present solutions to the Encrypted Glance problem. I will also dive into a recent result discovered together with Kasper Green Larsen, which proves that the reason why progress has grind to a halt is that there is no way to do better than the currently best-known solutions.”