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EXPO of first-year IT-product development projects

This week, first-year IT product development student displays their prototypes from the course Foundations in IT product design. Their assignment was to create shared interfaces for light control in a study setting. For the project, the groups all have created lamps and controllers but each with for a specific scenario which they have experienced themselves or observed in the study cafe.

Nikoline and Johanne (above) have created a lamp that makes it possible to signal to others if an interruption is welcome or not. “In the lab, we often experience that groups take breaks at different times. If you are in the middle of a great workflow, it can be very disturbing if others to come over to talk. With this lamp it is easy to signal to those around you if you are busy, or ready for a chat,” Johanne explains. Nikoline shows their controller, made with a ball, which can be used to adjust the light. “We think the study café is such a great place, and if it was possible to change the light, it might also be used for other purposes than just studying,” she explains.

A lamp that really caught the eye is one that looks like the solar system. The group who created the lamp explains that it will help students take breaks, and thereby optimize the time they spend studying. When you move the little planet around the sun (lamp) it functions as a timer for the study period. Once the planet returns to original position the light changes to indicate that it is time for a break. It is also possible to change the color of the sun to ensure the most optimal light for both work and break.

Great work by all the new students. Incredible to see how much you have learned in just half a year.

The prototypes will also be on display tomorrow, so swing by the study cafe and have a look.