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Congratulations Askarov and Orlandi

Two new research leaders at CS

Associate professor Aslan Askarov and Associate professor Claudio Orlandi both selected for the 2016 research leader grant from the Danish Council for independent research. Last week, Askarov and Orlandi were presented with their grants at a formal event in Copenhagen.

Aslan Askarov will lead the Language-Based Anonymity project. The goal is to develop a scientific framework for reasoning and enforcing strong application-level anonymity requirements. There is an increasing interest in anonymity, but existing tools provide only low-level guarantees, resulting in applications that violate the anonymity expectations of their users. To address this, we will use novel techniques from programming-language theory to reason and enforce application anonymity requirements, and programming language techniques to specify and enforce these requirements. This project will result in a novel programming methodology for secure programming that will provide a firm ground for building practical tools to develop systems with high anonymity and confidentiality assurance.

Foundations of Cryptographic Computing will be led by Claudio Orlandi, who with the project aims to broaden our understanding of cryptographic calculations by answering some of the most important - unanswered - questions in the field: What can be calculated in a safe way? How fast can it be done? How much communication and interaction is needed? How can we protect personal sensitive information, and still become wiser by sharing data?

The research leader grant is aimed at excellent researchers who are expected to have ambitious research goals, which require a longer period dedicated to research. The grant makes it possible to pursue inventive and ambitious goals by carrying out, and leading, a research project over a period of up to 5 years.