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3 new honorary professors for Department of Computer Science

It is with great pride and pleasure that the department can announce three new honorary professors - Bjarne Stroustrup (extension), Olivier Danvy and Michael E. Caspersen. With the title as honorary professor, the appointee has agreed to promote the department and work closely with the department, i.e. by giving guest lectures.

Bjarne Stroustrup

Bjarne Stroustrup is born in Aarhus, cand. scient. from Aarhus University and is the recipient of the Rigmor and Carl Holst-Knudsen Award for Scientific Research. Stroustrup is Managing Director at Morgan Stanley in New York. Also, he is visiting professor at Columbia University, and affiliated as University Distinguished Professor at Texas A&M University.

Stroustrup is world-famous for developing the C++ programming language, and has received countless awards for his work. Read more about Bjarne Stroustrup in our alumni interview [in Danish].

Olivier Danvy

Olivier Danvy is a Knight of the Lambda Calculus since 1988, worked at the department for over 20 years, and defended a DSc at Aarhus University in 2006. Today he is working at Yale-NUS College in Singapore.

Michael E. Caspersen

Michael E. Caspersen is cand.scient. (1987) and PhD (2007) from Aarhus University. He has been director of It-vest at AU (1999-2008), associate professor at department of Computer Science, Aarhus University (2008-2016), and director of Center for Science Education (2009-2015).

Michael E. Caspersen is a leading researcher within the areas 'Computing Education' and 'Computational Thinking'.  As the only person, he has chaired all leading international conferences within his field. Moreover, Michael E. Caspersen has - as the only non-American ever - chaired 'the Technical Symposium for Computer Science Education', which is the world’s largest computing education conference with 1.500 participants and running for 50 years.

In 2013,  he was one of only four computer scientists worldwide appointed Distinguished Member (Education) of ACM, which is the world’s largest professional association for computer scientists with more than 100.000 members. To achieve this, you must have contributed tremendously to the international 'Computing Education Community'.

Today, Michael E. Caspersen Caspersen is managing director of It-vest - networking universities.