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Danish hacker team is in the top of world ranking

The Danish team Kalmarunionen, which participates in capture the flag “CTF” cybersecurity competitions, is currently placed second in the world ranking, in competition with top teams from countries like Germany, China and Russia.

The teams’ members comprise of students and staff from various Danish universities, enthusiasts and leading figures in the danish cybersecurity industry. Kalmarunionen is the result of several smaller CTF – primarily Danish - teams uniting to form a larger and stronger team, with the goal of competing on the world stage.

PhD student Adam Blatchley Hansen is part of the team, and explains; “We participate in Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions in order to hone our skills within cybersecurity. While competing, we constantly encounter new problems, and it forces us to think outside the box to solve these challenges. In particular, we have had great success by cooperating across our specialities, leveraging our diverse skillsets. I really enjoy being part of a community where we share knowledge and help each other improve.”

Since forming in the fall last year, the team have had many top placements in international events, including tied 11th in the competitive Real World CTF, and winning the NC3 (competition by Danish National Cyber Crime Center) Christmas CTF last year.

If you are interested in knowing more about Kalmarunionen, or even joining the team, you can find more information on their website or Twitter account.