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All surfaces can be displays in the future

Jörg Müller's research http://joergmueller.info/ focuses on how we interact with ever changing environments in the future. He has recently been appointed Associate Professor in Human-Computer Interaction in Ubiquitous Computing, Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University.

- We can imagine that in the not-too-far future, all surfaces in our environments may become displays, we will have 3D tracking of users and objects, and many of our objects and furniture may become shape changing and robotic, Jörg Müller says.

He researches in how we might interact with and control such environments in the future. But how do you design things that aren’t there? The Human Computer (HCI) research field develops prototypes that serve to explore the design space.

- Prototyping is a powerful way to inspire and show new design possibilities. People always tend to underestimate the future development. In the HCI research field, we are wearing two hats: Science and engineering. We explore things and we build them in prototypes. And then we test them, he explains.

At Aarhus University he is going to work on gestural interaction in ubiquitous computing environments. He will work on models and interaction techniques for situations, where we want to interact with our environment through body gestures.

- Aarhus is simply one of the best places in the world for my research field - Human-Computer Interaction. According to MS Academic Search, it is even the highest ranked place in HCI outside North America and the UK. It provides a great research environment for my work and I really enjoy working with all the great colleagues here, Jörg Müller says.

Jörg Müller is working on systems that generate visual and auditory feedback in our environments, like on walls, floors, in mid-air etc. and which perceive our gestures. His work integrates recent advances in Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Augmented Reality.

Here you can find a couple of examples on Jörg Müller’s previous work:

About Jörg Müller

Jörg Müller is Associate Professor of human-computer interaction at Aarhus University. Before joining Aarhus University, he worked as a visiting Associate Professor at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Berlin, and as a Senior Researcher at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories. His PhD is from Münster University and his master degree in computer science is from the university of Saarbrücken.

His research in the field of human-computer interaction focuses on gestural interaction in ubicomp settings. His research interests include immediate usability for gestural interfaces, novel (visual and auditory) display technologies, multisensory integration, public displays and in-the-wild studies. Further, he is a proponent of free software and founder of the FreeMind project.