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Graduation 2023

On June 30, we celebrated our 104 new master graduates in Computer Science and IT Product Development graduates. At the ceremony, Head of Department Kaj Grønbæk welcomed the 61 participating graduates and their families, alumni John Smedegaard - master graduate #1638 and CEO of Codulus - gave the graduation speech. At the end of the ceremony, head of department Kaj Grønbæk presented the graduates with their diploma and a specially designed graduation poster.

Dear graduates - congratulations to you all. Your hard work, dedication, and passion have paid off, and we couldn't be prouder of your achievements. You are all extremely sought-after by both local, national, and international IT-companies – we know that there are great adventures ahead for you! 

As you embark on this new professional journey, remember that the challenges you faced during your studies have prepared you to excel in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of technology. Your determination, adaptability, and resilience will be your greatest assets as you navigate the exciting career opportunities that lie ahead.

Once again, congratulations, and we can't wait to witness your continued success, and hope you will keep in touch on LinkedIn and via the alumni network. Photos from the graduation ceremony will be uploaded to Flicker within the next couple of days.

See the complete list of masters produced in Computer Science and IT Product Development.

Graduation Posters

At the master graduation last week, all our graduates were presented with a graduation poster that illustrated highlights of studying either Computer Science or IT Product Development. This year’s posters are designed by master student Anna Maria Schierholz from computer science and bachelor student Annika Hoffmann from IT Product development. Thank you, Anna and Annika, we think both designs are original and very well-executed and will look great on any wall.

Poster for Computer Science Graduates

Artist: Anna Maria Schierholz
Computer Science master student on 4th semester (master graduation 2023)

My poster, is inspired by the “Where’s Waldo?” or “Find Holger” books. Every scene represents a part of student life studying Computer Science at Aarhus University. Hopefully everyone can also find some courses and specializations they took during their studies at AU.

Big congratulations from me to the graduates and all the best for your future adventures!

Poster for IT Product Development Graduates

Artist: Annika Hoffmann
IT Product Development bachelor student on 6th semester (bachelor graduation 2023)

From my perspective IT Product Development represents an educational path that, in various ways, contains hidden treasures of both professional and social character. I believe that many students are not initially aware of both the challenges and the pleasant surprises, which turn out to be a part of the education. This has been the inspiration behind the poster, which at first glance appears an abstract, colorful creation but upon closer examination reveals many familiar elements from the education. The contrasting colors symbolize the unique community we have at IT Product Development, which is composed of many different people, with room for everyone.

Congratulations to all the graduates and best of luck in the future!

Graduates who were unable to attend the graduation ceremony, are welcome to contact Christina Gøttsche (csg@cs.au.dk) if coordinate pick up of a copy of the graduation poster.