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Special talk by Hans Gellersen on Eye gaze and coupled motion for ubiquitous interaction

2019.08.06 | Søs Küster Markussen

Date Mon 12 Aug
Time 09:00 10:00
Location 5335-395 Nygaard



Computing has become embodied in the world in many different forms and shapes, and my long-term interest is in sensory interfaces and models and techniques for ubiquitous interaction. I will give an overview of work I have conducted on context and activity sensing, spontaneous and cross-device interaction, and interfaces that blend physical and digital media. I will focus specifically on eye gaze, as our eyes are a natural interface that guides our actions, reflects of our goals, and affords fast shifts to objects of interest. The HCI field has long treated gaze as a modality of last resort, to retreat to if other parts of the human motor system are impaired. I will discuss how interactions instead can build on the coordination of the eyes with hand, head and body movement, and will give examples from input at a glance on smartwatches to 3D gaze in immersive VR. I will highlight the natural coupling of eye movement with external motion, and show how this is also inspiring a new model for touchless interaction where body movement is spontaneously coupled for control.


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