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PITalk with Yvonne Rogers: Can a diet of data make you healthy?

Self-quantifying and self-tracking devices are becoming mainstream. Examples include FitBit, Wii games and an assortment of mobile apps (e.g. Boozerlyzer), that aim to give people new aggregate and profiled data about their behaviours and bodily functions to help them improve their sleep, moods and drinking habits. Real-time feedback about their everyday habits is provided through graphs and relative scores.

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Tuesday 28 May 2013,  at 13:15 - 14:00


Small Auditorium (Åbogade 15)

The hope is that this form of personalised data will become the future for healthcare that focuses on monitoring and prevention. The Quantified Self movement has also attracted many followers worldwide who have started to record their patterns of activity levels (e.g. how many hours they sleep, how many cups of coffee they drink a day). But how healthy are they? In my talk I will consider how effective the new data diets are at changing and improving healthy behaviour.