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Katrinebjerg Career Day (Kdag) 2023

Katrinebjerg Career Day (Kdag) is arranged by Aarhus University in cooperation with it-vest networking universities at IT-City Katrinebjerg, where more than 2.500 students study their IT-education. At Kdag, more than 50+ companies or organizations and around 800 IT-students from Aarhus University participates - but all interested are welcome to attend the event.

Info about event


Friday 14 April 2023,  at 11:15 - 15:00


Nygaard bygningen (5335) Finlandsgade 21-23, 8200 Aarhus N


Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University

Kdag gives the companies an extraordinary opportunity:

  • To find the right IT-employee for a student or full-time job
  • To meet different students from AU’s IT-educations and get insight into their specific qualifications
  • To promote your company to a wide range of IT-students

Kdag gives students an extraordinary opportunity:

  • To meet more than 50 companies
  • To see current positions for study or fulltime jobs at the companies 
  • To make relevant connections with your dream employer

Kdag is organized for IT-students at Aarhus University, but others, who are interested, are also welcome to participate - free of charge.