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Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence Colloquium

Sagie Benaim on "Semantic Manipulation of Visual Content"

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Wednesday 24 November 2021, at 10:30 - at


Ada 333 or online (see Zoom link below)


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Methods for visual content manipulation, such as texture and style transfer, are a subject of long-term interest in computer vision, but often lack the ability to manipulate content semantically. In this talk, I will discuss approaches for the semantic manipulation of images, videos, and 3D objects.

In the image domain, I will discuss a method for generating a 'structural analogy' between two images A and B: that is, an image that keeps the appearance and style of B, but has a structural arrangement that corresponds to A.

Moving the videos, I will discuss a method that learns to automatically predict the 'speediness' of moving objects in videos in a self-supervised manner. This can be used for semantic adaptive video speedup as well as for self-supervised action recognition and video retrieval.

Lastly, I will discuss a method for the semantic stylization of 3D meshes conforming to a target text prompt. The method can handle low-quality meshes (non-manifold, boundaries, etc.) with arbitrary genus, and does not require parameterization. It can be used to synthesize a myriad of semantic styles over a wide variety of 3D meshes in-the-wild.


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