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Aarhus Crypto Seminar: Petr Sedláček on “Limitations of incompressible encodings”

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Thursday 18 November 2021,  at 14:30 - 15:30


Nygaard-295 (Finlandsgade 23, 8200 Aarhus N, building 5335/room 295)


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This talk is based on my bachelor thesis Limitations of incompressible encodings. I introduce you to the notion of what incompressible encodings are and where it is advantageous to use them. After the motivation, I define the incompressible encodings more precisely, and I focus on the limitations of their information-theoretic security.

The core of the speech is a theorem implying that it is not possible to construct secure non-trivial incompressible encodings information-theoretically. I show flaws in a sketch of proof in a preceding article

and present counterexamples to them. Afterwards, I present my own proof of the statement.

About the speaker:

Petr is a student at Charles University in Prague. This week, he is visiting the Aarhus Crypto Group.

About the seminar:

The Aarhus Crypto Seminars are weekly seminars open to everyone with an interest in recent research in cryptology and information security. The seminars are hosted by the Cryptography and Security Research Group at Aarhus University. Further details about the research group and the weekly seminars can be found here: https://cs.au.dk/da/research/cryptography-and-security/seminartalk.