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Summer school: Learn Software Design Using C++ from the Inventor of C++

This course is fully booked and not open for further registrations. Design cannot be understood in the abstract: To discuss design you need concrete examples – preferably examples of both good and bad design. Conversely, you cannot understand a programming language or library – or use it well – by just learning the rules for its individual features. You need to understand the general design ideas behind the language or library: Its philosophy. The ISO C++ language and its standard library provide many concrete examples for the discussion of design. We will look at C++ from its earliest days through the current 2020 ISO standard (C++20). Key topics include type safety, expressiveness and extensibility, resource management, error handling, efficiency concerns, generic programming, and the evolution of ideas, techniques, language features.

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Monday 24 July 2023, at 13:29 - Friday 4 August 2023, at 13:31


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