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Have you ever wondered, what you wanna do after your degree, where you can get the best student discounts, or do you just need loads of (free) coffee to start of the semester? Then you should come when the Students’ Council at Aarhus University for the 33. time is hosting the Student Fair here at the university. The Student Fair is held at AULAEN and VANDREHALLEN, where you can meet: AULAEN 👇 Here you can meet everything from the Blodbank, trade unions, banks, bicycle rentals to the many cultural opportunities that the city of Aarhus provides. And you can get a lot of good discounts while sipping on your free coffee and participating in contests with big prices👏 VANDREHALLEN👇 Meet many different voluntary organizations in Aarhus - and maybe find one that you want to be a part of? Meanwhile you can get free snacks and drinks 🤔🥤⚽😍

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Monday 29 August 2022, at 10:00 - Wednesday 31 August 2022, at 16:00