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Danish Data Science

Welcome to the first Danish Data Science annual conference! Danish Data Science 2022 is a two-day conference with technical talks in the fields of Machine Learning, Data Quality, Generative Models, Algorithms, AI and much more! The event will include a multitude of esteemed and thought provoking keynote speakers, +15 parallel sessions, networking, poster session, PhD dinner and lots more. All to connect and nurture Danish Data Science – in the inspiring surroundings at Legoland Hotel in Billund, Denmark, on November 7-8th, 2022.

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Monday 7 November 2022, at 10:57 - Tuesday 8 November 2022, at 17:30





Who should attend?
Danish Data Science 2022 aims to build relations and community among data science practitioners, with the goal of increasing collaboration across sectors, institutions, geographies and sub-fields. The conference will bring together data science practitioners across academia, startups, corporate and public sector who wants to take part in detailed discussions and sessions on data science methods and applications.