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ALICE steering group meeting

2020.01.28 | Anna Julie Rasmussen

Date Mon 27 Jan
Time 10:15 11:45
Location Nygaard/5335-297

The ALICE steering group meets 4 times a year and the meetings are open for everyone who is interested in ALICE and what is going on in the network.



1)      Status on web and FB (Julie)

2)      Status of events and assigning tasks (Hangout 6/2, 2/4, lunch 5/3, 7/5)

3)      Should closed events be announced (web/Facebook)? (everyone)

4)      Should the SG meetings be open? (everyone)

5)      Idea: Send people to other departments to present ALICE (Ida)

6)      AOB (everyone)

Lecture / talk, Staff event