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ALICE Hangout

Come and hang out with 'ALICE'

2020.01.28 | Anna Julie Rasmussen

Date Thu 13 Feb
Time 16:00 18:00
Location coffee lounge in the Hopper building (2nd floor)

ALICE invite you to an informal hangout at the coffee lounge in the Hopper building (2nd floor). Come and enjoy a cup of coffee/tee/coco and cake,  and meet with friends and other people at the department. 

Members of the ALICE steering group will be present so if you have ideas, inputs and/or thoughts about events and/or the network in general, we would love to have a chat with you.

Everyone is invited so please share this invite with your peers!

Normally the ALICE hangout will take place on the first Thursday every second month. However, on February 6th the Orbit Lab is hosting The Orbies and we encourage students to attend this cool event. You can read more and sign up here: https://orbitlab.au.dk/events/orbies5/

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