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When size matters


Compilers are often all about speed.  But what if your applications grow too large to comfortably fit on devices or consume too much bandwidth when transferred?  Facing this question for large Android  applications, we recently started a journey deep down into Android's runtime and toolchain.  This talk is a photo safari of the creatures we found and what helped us to tame them.


Stephan is a Software Engineer at Google in Aarhus, currently putting Android applications on a diet.  This time, he likely will not get as low as 128K, the amount of RAM required to run the embedded Dart VM he helped to build.  Stephan also enjoys <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Source-to-source_compiler">transpiling</a> languages, like Dart to JavaScript or JavaScript to OpenCL.  The latter at Intel Labs, where he helped create Parallel JavaScript.