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Symposium on the Work of Ivan Damgård

This 2-day symposium will be covering all aspects of modern cryptography to celebrate the work of Ivan Damgård on account of his 60th birthday. 

Ivan Damgård is Denmark's Godfather of cryptography! Ivan's research has made a major impact on the crypto scene worldwide, making him one of the most prolific and influential authors in the cryptographic research community. His ideas have had a major impact in shaping many areas of cryptography such as foundations and practical deployment of multiparty computation protocols, design of hash functions, secret-sharing, zero-knowledge protocols, quantum cryptography, and more. Ivan's resume is hence very impressive, so below is just a little glimpse of things he has done in his career up to today:

Ivan was born 17 April 1956, and received his PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science from Aarhus University in 1988. In 2005 he became professor in Computer Science, and still holds this position. Ivan has built up the cryptography group in Aarhus, which now is one of the strongest cryptography groups in Europe. During his time in Aarhus Ivan has supervised 50 Master thesis students, 30 PhD students and 15 postdocs.

Ivan has been very productive in attracting funding to facilitate his research, and at the moment he is in charge of two major research projects, Center for Research in the Foundation of Electronic Markets (CFEM) and an Advanced ERC Grant MPCPRO. In 2015 he co-authored the book Multiparty Computation and Secret Sharing with Cramer and Nielsen.

Ivan has received several honors and awards for his work within cryptology and cryptography. To mention a few he was named Fellow of the IACR in 2010; he received the RSA Conference Award for Excellence in Mathematics in 2015. He is editor-in-chief for Journal of Cryptography, a board member at Rådet for Digital Sikkerhed and a member of the independent member-driven think-tank The Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV).  Ivan is co-founder of the IT companies Cryptomathic, Partisia and Sepior.

Besides his obvious talent for research, Ivan is also an active musician within the Danish folk music genre. He plays both the violin and guitar, and plays in various bands. In 2007 he received a Danish Music Award (DMA) in the folk music category as Composer of the Year. In 2014 he was appointed Rigsspillemand, which is the finest appointment within the Danish Folk Music genre.