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We strive to recruit the best

In the last couple of years, the department has had good success with attracting a large number of qualified applicants to our faculty positions. But it is still important to recognize that, it is challenging to recruit top faculty members, since the international competition is stiff, so we have to work hard on this. That also applies to Postdoc positions as these are very important for the research and research environment at the department.

PhD education is a key element of research and education at the department, and the department has a long history of educating PhDs at a high international level and with a good number of students. Our PhDs are in high demand in both industry and academia.

Goals for talent recruitment

To attract and recruit excellent faculty members.


  • Number of new faculty members.
  • Recruitment of international faculty members.
  • Recruitment of female faculty members.


  • Positions should be announced via open calls, with some prioritized areas.
  • Form search committee(s) consisting of faculty members to search for qualified applicants.
  • Ensure that all faculty members help in recruitment of new faculty members.
  • Ensure a steady stream of international research visitors who could be potential future faculty members.
  • Align announcement of positions with the US system and speed up the hiring process.
  • Make use of the tenure-track system recently implemented at AU. In computer science, it is generally difficult to attract senior faculty members, so we expect most positions will be tenure-track positions.

To continue to strengthen the PhD programme in computer science, both in quality and quantity.


  • The number of PhD students per FTE faculty members.
  • The ability to attract highly qualified PhD students, both from Denmark and from abroad.
  • The number and quality of PhD courses, seminars, and summer schools offered by the department.
  • The quality of our PhDs - the extent to which our PhDs are able to compete with PhDs from 
international top schools when applying for jobs internationally and nationally.


  • Secure external funding for PhD students via research grants.
  • Improve recruitment of PhD students.
  • Offer a variety of PhD courses.
  • Continue efforts to improve the research environment, such as the PhD retreat.

To attract and recruit the best Postdoc talents from Denmark and from abroad.


  • The number of postdocs per FTE faculty members.


  • Secure external funding for postdocs.
  • The postdoc committee will focus on supporting postdocs in advancing their careers, be it in industry or academia - in Denmark and abroad - and on creating an attractive working environment for postdocs.