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Mobility and Traffic Planning Arranged by Aarhus Municipality

2012.10.22 | Marianne Dammand Iversen

On the 27th of September EcoSense project members Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard and Matthias Nielsen participated in a meeting organised by Michael Bloksgaard from the EcoSense partner Aarhus Municipality, with the purpose of establishing relations between, and knowledge of, current practices in traffic planning, usage of existing data, and desires for future data. The meeting gathered representatives from Rambøll, Cowi, Danish Road Directorate, Blipsystems, Aalborg University, Aarhus Municipality, and Aarhus University

During the meeting EcoSense presented the overall project goals and how the project plan to assist decision-makers in making evidence based decision-making for lowering CO2 equivalent emissions. This could be visualizing the transportation behavior of citizens including mode of transportation and points of interest, together with public transportation offers to show correlations or black spots that necessitate using a car rather than public transportation.

The other meeting participant complemented this with presentations on work practices, data used and generated, and influence of data on decision-making for traffic planning. For example Aarhus Municipality presented their recent deployment of a Blipsystems infrastructure for measuring traffic flow and congestion in Aarhus, which will help to detect occurrences of congestion and adjust traffic light timing accordingly. A discussion session after the presentations highlighted the knowledge exchanged and identified prospective relations for future collaboration between the meeting participants.