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Live lab for green living

2013.12.17 | Marianne Dammand Iversen

The e-car readiness App will also be deployed by Insero in the recently established live lab for 25 family homes in a small village. The live lab focuses on a holistic green energy experiment featuring introduction of heat pumps, solar cells, wind energy, smart grid, and e-cars. In this project, we utilize both the qualitative and the quantitative EcoSense methods to analyze the changes in behavior and potential problems with the green technologies. This is done through qualitative interviews, probing and sensing. In particular, the e-car readiness App will be tailored to track families’ usage of their cars, which is expected to be a mixture of traditional cars and e-cars. The sensed behavior will give rise to qualitative interviewing on the causes of the changed behaviors.  The experiments will contribute to an understanding of obstacles and opportunities for green living in families, and to research in how to assess, communicate and visualize these to individuals and families. Similar to the other experiments and cases also this case will contribute to improvements of our methods and algorithms based on large amounts of real world data.

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