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Herning bikes

2013.12.17 | Marianne Dammand Iversen

In consequence of a presentation at the Skejby Industry Network for Green City activities, we were contacted and asked for assistance by Rambøll who established a contact with Herning Municipality and their bycycle campaign "Månen t/r”. Based on this case we have adapted our transportation mode detection infrastructure and algorithms to efficiently detect bike trips (i.e. distinguishing them from walking and car trips, etc.) and map them to bike paths and roads. This enables us to provide statistics and visualizations on usage of bikes in Herning Municipality, in turn enabling the municipality to improve conditions for bikers and thus help reducing CO2 emissions from traffic. We support the campaign also by an App called "Herning Cykler", which has been made available in Apple App Store and Google Play and in which both the transportation mode sensing and user-targeted visualizations are integrated. Please note in case you install it: The GIS mapping visualization only supports trips in Herning Municipality. The data collection from this campaign will help us improve algorithms and analysis methods for green transportation.