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E-car Readiness - for fleet analysis and the public

2013.12.17 | Marianne Dammand Iversen

Insero E-mobility is currently utilizing the transportation mode detection techniques to provide fleet analyses for 21 municipalities. EcoSense developed an App, originally for the Research Festival, which can analyze transportation behavior for a user and assess the level of e-car readiness in terms of trips that cause problems for the range of the e-cars given the also the map of charging stations. A tailored variant of this e-car readiness app is now used to track transportations behaviors of workers driving in home care fleet cars of the municipalities. Each municipality runs 2 weeks with the app, where users drive normal cars first and then e-cars for selected routes. The benefits are to make people more comfortable with e-cars and that the municipalities get input to decision making focusing on introduction of e-cars (or e-bikes) in the municipal fleets, thus stimulating a reduction of CO2 emission. The App is called “Elbil-parat” on Apple App Store. On the research side, additional to the novel case study type in fleet analysis, we learn to distinguish and compare between transportation behavior of fossil fueled cars and e-cars. This will lead to improved algorithms for transportation mode detection as well as new visualization and analysis methods for decision makers. Furthermore this App is being developed for the general public and for an international audience as depicted in the screenshot.