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2016.05.11 | Research news

EcoSense results produce new research challenges

The 4-year research project EcoSense has just concluded. On this occasion, the EcoSense team held a closing seminar on the many achievements that give rise to new research challenges in areas such as big data, visual analytics and mobile sensing.

2016.04.26 | Research news

EcoSense closing seminar

On March 18, 2016 the EcoSense management invites partners to a seminar to convey some of the project's results and explore possible future use of these results in new contexts.

2015.10.06 | Research news

Robert Brewer at CHI PLAY 2015

Robert Brewer presents his work on Tough Shift: Exploring the Complexities of Shifting Residential Electricity Use Through a Casual Mobile Gave at CHI PLAY 2015. CHI PLAY is an international and interdisciplinary conference (by ACM SIGCHI) for researchers and professionals across all areas of play, games and human-computer interaction (HCI).

2015.08.06 | Research news

Ready for an electric car?

The EcoSense project is launching an app that makes private car owners learn more about weather an electric car could be relevant for them. Their environmental and economical savings are calculated automatically, and, on the basis of their measured driving it is revealed the extent to which they are ready to an electric car.

2015.07.16 | Research news

Robert Brewer at ACM eEnergy 2015

Robert Brewer presents his work on Challenge: Getting Residential Users to Shift Their Electricity Usage Patterns at ACM eEnergy 2015 in Bangalore, India. The sixth ACM International Conference on Future Energy Systems aims to be the premier venue for researchers working in the broad areas of computing and communication for smart energy systems.

2013.12.18 | Research news

TEDxCopenhagen talk "Power to the people"

On September 26, 2013, Johanne Mose Entwistle presented a TEDxCopenhagen 2013Talk entitled "Power to the people" in Bremen Teater.

2013.12.17 | Research news

PhD on Location privacy accomplished

Mads Schaarup Andersen recently successfully defended his PhD “Multi-dimensional Location Privacy - Concepts, Architecture, and User Interface”. Partly funded by the EcoSense project, Mads has been looking into the privacy challenges in a world where mobile devices sharing location are increasingly becoming part of everyday life. This is very…

2013.12.17 | Research news

Related ForskEl smartgrid project (VPP4SGR)

Researchers from the Ecosense project have become partners in a new project about Smar Grid technology and adoption. The project is entitled Virtual Power Plant for Smart Grid Ready buildings and customers (VPP4SGR) in cooperation with Aarhus Kommune, Alexandra Instituttet, Grundfos Holding A/S, Develco A/S, and DONG Engergy A/S. The project is…

2013.12.17 | Research news

Energy intervention designs for the Grundfos dorm

As a part of the EcoSense project, the Alexandra Institute has launched a project at the Grundfos dormitory to examine how to best get students to reduce their energy consumption. The project aims to motivate students to reduce energy consumption by making energy user-oriented. "We must listen to the users' motivation rather than dictate…

2013.12.17 | Research news

Live lab for green living

The e-car readiness App will also be deployed by Insero in the recently established live lab for 25 family homes in a small village. The live lab focuses on a holistic green energy experiment featuring introduction of heat pumps, solar cells, wind energy, smart grid, and e-cars. In this project, we utilize both the qualitative and the quantitative…

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