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Collective Sensing and Macroscopic Analysis Methods
for Reducing Environmental Footprints.

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EcoSense news

2013.07.29 |

New crowd-sensing technology maps our activities

EcoSense researchers at the Ubiquitouous Computing and Interaction research group at Department of Computer Science are working on developing the technology and software based on crowd-sensing that can make it possible to perform contemporary censuses indoor and outdoor by registering smartphones.

2013.06.28 |

The "InserOmaten" app ath the Festival of Research

The "InserOmaten" app was demonstrated at the Festival of Research, as an example of using EcoSense transport pattern detection. People today find it difficult in practice to figure out if their driving pattern matches having an electric car. Therefore, the EcoSense project has developed the app called "InserOmaten" which can help people…

2013.06.28 |

EcoSense at the Festival of Research

On this year’s Festival of Research at Aarhus University the EcoSense project got the opportunity to show and tell how the project's research addresses this year's theme of Smart Energy. In the exhibition area the project demoed a smartphone app that gives people feedback on if they are ready to switch to an electrical vehicle by judging their…

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