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Collective Sensing and Macroscopic Analysis Methods
for Reducing Environmental Footprints.

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2013.12.17 | Research news

Live lab for green living

The e-car readiness App will also be deployed by Insero in the recently established live lab for 25 family homes in a small village. The live lab focuses on a holistic green energy experiment featuring introduction of heat pumps, solar cells, wind energy, smart grid, and e-cars. In this project, we utilize both the qualitative and the quantitative…

2013.12.17 |

E-car Readiness - for fleet analysis and the public

Insero E-mobility is currently utilizing the transportation mode detection techniques to provide fleet analyses for 21 municipalities. EcoSense developed an App, originally for the Research Festival, which can analyze transportation behavior for a user and assess the level of e-car readiness in terms of trips that cause problems for the range of…

2013.12.17 |

Herning bikes

In consequence of a presentation at the Skejby Industry Network for Green City activities, we were contacted and asked for assistance by Rambøll who established a contact with Herning Municipality and their bycycle campaign "Månen t/r”. Based on this case we have adapted our transportation mode detection infrastructure and algorithms to…

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