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Student posters

Monday afternoon (August 20) is reserved for a student poster session.

We invite all summer school participants to bring a poster presenting their current research or thesis project.

There is no constraints on posters sizes. Multimedia presentations of participants work (e.g. animations) are also welcome (please let us know in advance if you plan a multimedia presentation).

In any case please send an email to Else Magård (ema@madalgo.au.dk)  with the topic of your poster/presentation. If you include the poster/presentation in your email we will upload it to the webside below.

REMEMBER: It is important that you bring a PAPER VERSION of your poster to be presented at the summer school and you will also be responsible for mounting it. We will provide walls, pins etc. ready for you to mount.


cphVB: Solving Parallelization and Heterogeneity by Design
Name: Kenneth Skovhede
Affiliation: Niels Bohr Instituttet

Improved Analysis of the Average-Case Behavior of Classic Single-Source Shortest Path Approaches
Name: Volker Weichert
Affiliation: Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

I/O-Efficient Dynamic Planar Range Skyline Queries
Name: Casper Kejlberg-Rasmussen
Affiliation: Aarhus University

I/O efficient External-Memory Diameter Approximation
Name: David Veith
Affiliation: Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

Computer Aided Melodic Analysis of Music Scores Using Suffix Tree
Name: Matevž Jekovec
Affiliation: University of Ljubljana

Energy-Efficient Sorting using Solid State Disks
Name: Andreas Beckmann
Affiliation: Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

Analysis of informativeness
Name: Евгений Штанов
Affiliation: Research Institute of Precision Instruments, Moscow

A Framework for Knowledge-Based Complex Event Processing
Name: Kia Teymourian
Affiliation: Free University Berlin

Parallel External Memory Model for Private-cache Chip Multiprocessors
Name: Nodari Sitchinava
Affiliation: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Extension of Planar Graph Drawings : Maximum Fan-crossing Free Graphs
Name: Hyuna Kim
Affiliation: KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

Online Labeling Problem
Name: Martin Babka, Jan Bulánek, Vladimír Čunát
Affiliation: Charles University in Prague

Multi-Objective LZSS Compression
Name: Andrea Farruggia
Affiliation: University of Pisa

Efficient q-gram Mining in SLP Compressed Strings
Name: Patrick Hagge Cording
Affiliation: Technical University of Denmark

Parallel Algorithms for Shape Matching
Name: Ludmila Scharf
Affiliation: Freie Universität Berlin

Adaptive and Approximate Orthogonal Range Counting
Name: Bryan Wilkinson
Affiliation: MADALGO, Aarhus University

I/O-Optimizing compilers for Sparse Matrix Vector Product
Name: Tobias Lieber
Affiliation: ETH Zürich

Parallel Main-Memory Indexing for Moving- Object Query and Update Workloads
Name: Darius Šidlauskas
Affiliation: Aarhus University

A Comparison of the Use of Virtual Versus Physical Snapshots for Supporting Update-Intensive Workloads
Name: Darius Šidlauskas
Affiliation: Aarhus University

CUDA for the algorithms of image informativeness and of automatic target detection and automatic type recognition (ATD/ATR)
Name: Eugeny Shanov
Affiliation: Research Institute of Precision Instruments, Moscow

X-device processing by bitwise distribution
Name: Thibault Sellam
Affiliation: CWI

On Improving Plan Quality via Local Enhancements
Name: Tomáš Balyo
Affiliation: Charles University in Prague

Data warehouse's security in the cloud; an SaaS for data's encryption from an ETL
Name: Hana Gara
Affiliation: University of Tunis