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Teaching Labs at Dept. of. Computer Science

  • PROTOLAB - Building 5365 (Stibitz)
  • FORMLAB - Building 5362 (Chomsky)

Important information about lab access

UPDATE (8th of May 2023):

The Alexandra Institute will have a company party in a tent at Fitts' Lawn on the 9th of June from 16.00.

Lab is still open and accessible during their party, but noise should be expected. 

During Spring 2023 semester labtools employees can be reached in the Stibitz/Chomsky building (office located in Chomsky). 

Office hours Spring 2023:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

9.00-10.00 (Sindri)

08.00-09.00 (Dennis) 09.00-10.00 (Mads) 08.00-09.00 (Dennis) 09.00-10.00 (Malthe)

During office hours you can always reach labtools employees in the lab or by calling us at 93508374 or email: labtools@cs.au.dk

Labtools Staff

Mads Vejrup Dennis Lønborg Mathiasen Sindri Arngrimsson Malthe Thorhauge


The PROTOlab (Stibitz-building) allows our IT Product Development students to use the equipment to test and prototype their designs. To gain access to PROTOlab you must pass a lab license course.

Equipment in the PROTOlab:

  • Universal Laser Cutter VLS 6.60 and VLS 3.50
  • High-Z 1440T CNC
  • PCB Etching Facility - MEGA Tri-Tank
  • 3D Printers (PRUSA Mk2.5S, PRUSA Mini, Creality CR10 S5)
  • High-End Soldering stations


The FORMlab (Chomsky-building) serves as a multi-use wood-, metal-, power-tool workshop.

You will need the FORMlab license to access the facilities.

Equipment in the FORMlab:

  • Pillar drill
  • Foam cutters 
  • Belt sander
  • Bandsaw
  • misc. powertools

Lab Coordinator

Simon Hoggan Christensen

Lab koordinator Institut for Datalogi

Equipment Booking

Book available equipment and components through our equipment-booking system.

Lab license

In order to be able to use the labs, it is required that students have a license. The license for FORMLab is given during the fall semester, whereas the license for PROTOLab is given during the spring semester. Once acquired, the licenses give you unlimited access to the labs. If you are interested in getting the license for the labs, and are affiliated with Department of Computer Science, then please contact us at labtools@cs.au.dk.

What Labtools Will Help Acquire and What to Purchase Yourselves

Students at IT-Product Development spend a lot of time in the labs, and to build prototypes you need to have specific components available. 


In our lab facilities, you will be able to find free and available equipment, materials and components including wire, soldering tin, headers, pins, jumper cables, resistors, transistors, filament for 3D printers etc.

Labtools equipment and components

Labtools have a huge selection of components, electronics, boards, sensors and actuators - and you are more than welcome to borrow these. Labtools often expands the inventory, and if you have components that you need for a project, that you also feel would be a good addition to our lab inventory, then please contact Lab Coordinator Simon.

What to invest in yourselves

Since students in project courses generally do not spend anything on books, you are expected to spend some money for some courses, on things like electronic kits, tools, wood/acrylic and special components. Investing in these early on will be a huge benefit for future courses. 

Allocated budget for certain projects?

There is NO allocated budget per group for projects like ITPDP, Innovation Project or Master's Thesis.
This does not mean that we can't help acquire components, materials or equipment for your projects, but it has to make sense for the lab to do the investment, and not just for your project. Please contact Simon if you have requests and/or questions. 

Some courses have special arrangements, if you have been informed about such an arrangement, please contact the course responsible for this.