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Data Visualization: A User Perspective on Data Science

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Computer scientists fuse and clean different data sources, train models, extract correlations, trends, clusters, and patterns. But often they are not…

Alumnus Max from Germany decided to stay in Aarhus after graduation

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Max from Germany came to Aarhus to study Computer Science. After graduation he decided to stay and now works as an IoS developer at Lunar. Why did he…

Two DIREC projects led by Eve Hoggan and Jaco van de Pol

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Congratulations to Associate Professor Eve Hoggan and Professor Jaco van de Pol, who both have been selected as PIs for two new, large research…

New Sapere Aude Research Leaders at the Department

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Congratulations to assistant professors Davide Mottin and Chris Rene Schwiegelshohn who have been selected as Sapere Aude Research Leaders 2021 by…