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AUHack 2018: Hackers help companies

For the third time on April 13 - 15, 2018 IT City Katrinebjerg will host AUHack, an event arranged by student volunteers. At AUHack students meet to innovate and create new IT products and solutions.

- Hacking is a buzzword in the media, but there is far more to the word than just infiltrating a company illegally. Hacking is a term in which you point out a problem based on everyday life and then you develop and tweak until you have a solution, says Tobias Lund Petersen, IT Product Development student at Department of Computer Science. At AUHack participants develop and improve their idea until you feel ready to present the idea in front of the jury.

The whole Aarhus University is welcome

Thirtysix intense hours sitting lined up in front of the screen can be discouraging to many, but for the AUHack participants it is an opportunity to finally grow wiser and get a lot of new impressions, knowledge and inspiration to study and work life. All of this is wrapped in a professional feedback from leading IT-companies.

Different minds are essential for a hackathon, which is why AUHack would like to appeal to the whole AU, and not just the IT study programmes at Katrinebjerg, because when participants with different educationally backgrounds and mindsets are gathered to get ideas, the outcome can only be overwhelming. Registration for AUHack 2018 opens January 29.

Read the whole article on AUHack 2018 here (in Danish).