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Student posters

Monday afternoon (August 8) is reserved for a student poster session.

We invite all summer school participants to bring a poster presenting their current research or thesis project.

There is no constraints on posters sizes. Multimedia presentations of participants work (e.g. animations) are also welcome (please let us know in advance if you plan a multimedia presentation).

In any case please send an email to Else Magård (ema@madalgo.au.dk)  with the topic of your poster / presentation. If you include the poster/presentation in your email we will upload it to the webside below.

REMEMBER: It is important that you bring a PAPER VERSION of your poster to be presented at the summer school and you will also be responsible for mounting it. We will provide walls, pins etc. ready for you to mount.


Title: Higher-Order Voronoi Diagram of Line Segments
Name: Maksym Zavershynskyi
Affiliation: Università della Svizzera italiana

Title: Continuous Monitoring of Distributed Data Streams over a Time-based Sliding Window
Name: Lap-Kei Lee
Affiliation: Aarhus University

Title: Geometric t-spanner
Name: Jungwoo Yang
Affiliation: Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KAIST

Title: Cleaning sonar terrain data
Name: Freek van Walderveen
Affiliation: Aarhus University

Title: 5D Data Modelling: Integration of 3D space, time and scale
Name: Ken Arroyo Ohori
Affiliation: Delft University of Technology

Title: Topology Determination of Solution Sets in Subdivision Multivariate Solvers
Name: Yonathan Mizrahi
Affiliation: Technion

Title: How to Distribute Lots Among Farmers or is it Hard to Approximate Constrained k-Clustering Problem?
Name: Anastasia Shakhshneyder
Affiliation: Technical University Munich

Title: On the I/O Complexity of Stencil Computations on 2 Dimensional Grids
Name: Philipp Hupp
Affiliation: TU München

Title: Sparse & Low Rank - Convex Optimization for Machine Learning
Name: Jaggi Martin
Affiliation: ETH Zürich

Title: Randomized Derivative-Free Optimization
Name: Sebastian Stich
Affiliation: ETH Zürich

Title: Polygonal Line Simplification
Name: Lasse Kosetski Deleuran
Affiliation: Aarhus University