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Welcome to our 208 new students!

208 applicants have been offered a place at our two bachelor programmes at Department of Computer Science.

09.08.2017 | Peter Martin Moos Hoffmann

156 out of 216 first choice applicants have been offered a place on the Computer Science Programme – 52 out of 61 first choice applicants have been offered a place on the IT Programme. The limited number of places resulted in a GPA admission requirement of 6.4 and 7.4 at the Computer Science and IT Programmes respectively.

- We are pleased to have attracted many applicants again this year. With an increased demand for highly skilled labor in the IT industry, it’s very positive that so many young people perceive computer science as an exciting and interesting field with great career opportunities. We look forward to receive all of our new students on Aug. 23th, says Professor Lars Birkedal, Head of Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University

Compared to 2016, 20 percent more applicants chose to apply for computers science as their first priority education in 2017.

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