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Six new PhD-students at Department of Computer Science

In the last two months several new PhD students have enrolled at Department of Computer Science. In the next couple of years, they will undertake research in research areas such as “Algorithms and Data Structures”, “Computer Mediated Activity” and “Cryptography and Security” - just to name a few.

On August 1st Simon Enni started as a new 4+4 PhD student in the Data-Intensive Systems group in collaboration with the Computer Mediated Activity group

The project, currently termed FounData, is focused on developing new technologies, designs, and concepts improving the transparency and interpretability of data mining and data analytics. The goal is to make analyses as well as their results and the implicit assumptions underlying these easier to understand, discuss, and criticize, improving its usability in the many fields that have become reliant on such analyses like political decision making, modern medicine, or economics, where data science expertise might not be ubiquitous. The project is supervised by Associate Professor Ira Assent and co-supervised by Professor Susanne Bødker.

Simon Enni

On August 1st, Casper Freksen started as a PhD student at MADALGO

Casper received his Bachelor's in Computer Science at Aarhus University in 2015. Afterwards he began his Master's, but switched to a PhD. scholarship as a 4+4 student. Casper will be working under the supervision of Assistant Professor Kasper Green Larsen.

Casper Freksen.

on August 1st Svend Christian Svendsen started as PhD student at MADALGO

Svend obtained his Bachelor's degree from Aarhus University in July 2016. Previously, he has worked as a student programmer at MADALGO and SCALGO, maintaining a software library used to implement external memory algorithms and data structures. During his PhD at MADALAGO Svend will be working under the supervision of Professor Lars Arge.

Svend Christian Svendsen

On August 1st, Mark Simkin started as a PhD student in the Cryptography and Security. Mark is being supervised by Ivan Damgård and Claudio Orlandi. His main interests include secure multiparty computation, differential privacy, and zero knowledge proof systems.

Mark Simkin

On August 1st, Alexander Mathiasen started as a PhD student at MADALGO supervised by Assistant Professor Kasper Green Larsen.

On September 1, Mathias Høier starts as a PhD student in the Logic and Semantics group, supervised by Professor Lars Birkedal.

Mathias Høier