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New Committee for Diversity and Equality at the Department

At Department of Computer Science (CS), we see diversity, as a strength and we are well aware that the Department - and computer science in general - is lacking, especially, gender diversity. Therefore, CS has established and supported a range of different initiatives over the years to foster a greater diversity among students and employees.

For example, every year girls from high schools across the country are invited to visit CS through IT camp for Girls, where they meet female role models (students and researchers), and learn about coding, design, and other aspects of studying at Department of Computer Science. CS has also established a network for female students and employees: the ALICE network, with focus on social activities where people meet, exchange experiences and support each other. The most recent initiative from the Department is a formal Committee for Diversity and Equality.

This committee consists of students, PhD-students, postdocs and faculty members, and will act as a practical committee promoting and fostering diversity in the study and work environment at the Department through. As well as contributing to guidance and consultation for the department management on diversity matters (e.g. how to avoid (unconscious) bias in job advertisements).

“Diversity is a high priority for the CS management. We need to recruit the most talented students and employees from the entire talent pool, and we need to secure that everyone feels welcome and appreciated at the department. Therefore, we have established the local Diversity and Equality committee to advise management and to serve as an operational unit for new diversity initiatives,” says Head of Department Kaj Grønbæk.

At the first committee meeting, a steering group with students and employees was elected. They will initiate and drive the committee’s work. You can read more about the CS Committee for Diversity and Equality here: https://cs.staff.au.dk/boards-and-committees/diversity-and-equality-committee