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Meet Eve Hoggan - New Associate Professor at Department of Computer Science

Eve Hoggan, 34, is employed as a new associate professor at Department of Computer Science. She will also take part in Center for Participatory IT (PIT).

At the Department of Computer Science Eve Hoggan will research the creation of novel interaction techniques and non-visual multimodal feedback. In addition, she will be teaching the Advanced Physical Computing bachelor course.

Eve Hoggan’s research focus is on biomechanical optimization of haptic (tactile) and interpersonal communication. In her research she proposes that automatically generated haptic interfaces, which are optimized for an individual user’s abilities, can significantly improve usability compared to traditional ”one- size-fits-all’ devices. This work will improve interactive devices for elderly users, physiotherapy devices for rehabilitation, adaptive devices for situationally impaired users, e.g. in-car systems, and assistive devices for users with motor impairments.

Prior to her job as associate professor at CS, Eve Hoggan has worked as a Science Fellow at Aalto University in Finland, where she has been employed since June 2013. Prior to this employment (since October 2010) Eve worked as a post doc at the Institute for Information Technology and Helsinki University in Finland.

In 2010 she took her doctoral degree at the University of Glasgow. Her PhD "Crossmodal Interaction with Audio and Tactile Mobile Touch Screen Displays", focuses on how information can be presented more appropriate on mobile devices through multimodal feedback.

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