Aarhus Universitets segl

From office trainee to TV star

Friday, 19 December, is the last working day for Katrine Aakjær Nielsen at CS, as she seeks happiness in Copenhagen. Colleagues at CS hereby wish Katrine the best of luck in her new life.

By Marianne Dammand Iversen

On September 1, 2011 Katrine started as office trainee at Department of Computer Science, and what we did not know was that we - in addition to getting a tremendously good trainee and later colleague - got an in-depth insight into the joy of good old-fashioned food in large quantities; the (un)blessings of single-girl life; do’s and don'ts in relation to netdating; cozy moments in the sofa wearing a pink all-in-one outfit eating Danish rice pudding spiced with 10 sections of 'The good wife" and, last but not least life as public, reality star on DR1, when Katrine participated in "Married at first sight".

On Tuesday, 21 October at 8:45 PM, Katrine had her debut on DR1, as she in the first programme of "Married at first sight", having a terrible hangover, lying in bed with tousled hair, says the  famous words: "My mouth smells of musty ass". Here you are Denmark! A comment her father has not completely forgiven her, but we can only shake our heads with a little smile. Typically Katrine - always without a filter.

The TV wedding has, of course, taken up a good deal of Katrine's life during the last 6 months and is also indirectly the reason why she has decided to take the huge leap and move to Sjælland together with her  Married-at-first-glance-husband, Jacob. It has also been the reason why a large part of the department's administrative and academic staff for 6 weeks sat glued to the screen every Tuesday evening to follow Katrine and the other participants’ complications related to their new marriages. But as Peter Bro puts it: "The fame has not gone to her head. She continues to be super qualified and efficient".

At the Department of Computer Science, Katrine has had many different tasks during her time as office trainee and later on as maternity cover, and she has approached all tasks straightforwardly and positively  - no tasks have been too big and no tasks have been too small. You always know that when Katrine gets a task, it will be seen through to completion. She is never afraid of taking on new tasks and has recently been a substitute in many of the department's research groups.

We wish Katrine all the best  in the future in Eastern Denmark and we will all miss her.